Monday, August 1, 2016

How I travelled from the Otopeni airport to Bucharest

A couple of months ago I had a very strange issue on the Bucharest Airport - in fact it is called Otopeni airport and it is located in Romania, an Eastern European country - which is really interesting if you think that the airport is like in Munchen, a bit outside of the city.

Now... this seemed for me the most crowded airport that I have ever found, where I have ever traveled - and the main issue was in the fact that there are too many flights that are going in and out Bucharest for the size of the airport.

Event the cars outside, the taxi drivers were unable  to server all the necessary people that were in the Airport and I needed a transfer from Otopeni to Bucharest - but here the things started to become funny, as I was searching over the internet for a company that was able to provide this kind of service.

Now... after a couple of phone calls to local companies, I have managed to i\hire a black cab, a great Mercedes car that was coming along with a driver for a very reasonable proce for my expected budget - it seems that this kind of services are really affordable in the eastern europe.

So, when I saw that car rented from Rentcarwith driver (the name of the loical company) and when I also saw the driver I was really impressed - impressed with everything, the car, the driver, the quality of services - everything was perfect and was building for me a great ecxperience in Bucharest, the Paris of the Eastern Europe.

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