Thursday, June 30, 2016

Software influence over real estate businesses

Nowdays the software that a company is using can make or broke a certain business, and unfortunately this is not an over estimation, it is clearly the real thing. I have been the witness of large increases in certain companies and sinking of huge ships due to the fact that while some younger companies and managers were able to see where the trends were going, and others were unable to see what were the problems.

Besically.... it is a story of adaptation, it is a way of understandiing exactly where an industry is going, and what it happens to that industry. So... to continue with the premisses, as the software industry evolved, grow and provided answers to more and more problems that until then were impossible to resolve, then some companies managed to find success in some areas where other companies were unable in the past and cessed looking.

For instance the virtual tours creator developed by Tour Wizard is really a great way of doing business from a software company point of view - as they managed to create a software solution that allowed users to create something that they could have only imagined a couple of years ago.

So... to use software to improve your business you need some imagination (of if you lack imagination, then you should be able to research what the people with imagination have done), you need a way of developing that software (or purchasing it) and then you also need the people that are able to use a software solution with ease and without huge problems.

So, basically, software is what we need to improve our lives, to be more productive with our time and to improve our business.

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