Saturday, July 2, 2016

Transfer bucharest airport

A couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of a crysis situation, a very nasty crysis when one of my partners was about to loose his flight ot paris due to the fact that my car was broken, we were in the middle of Snagov and we could not find any taxi or any other kind of car//transport that we would be able to hire to drove him to the airport.

Now... the distance between Snagov and the Otopeni airport (both of those cities being in the closer northern part of the Bucharest) is not great, but 

It was funny to see my friend making desperate phone calls to all kind of taxi's and alsoon several rent a car companies promising huge amounts of money for "Transfer Bucharest airport" as he was yelling through his iPhone like a rabid dog, like a mad man, really desperate - and as I already know that all romanians are very good at least at understanding english I really found it funny that they were not so helpful (probably due to the my friend heavy Irish accent, that is also very funny).

But... I decidedd to help him - as it was not a nice ideea to stay with this gui for one more day (at least) if he was really loosing his plane and I decided to try and make some phone calls to some provate taxy (in fact luxury cars) companies, that were albe to do something quick.

And finally I was able to find something, a nice mercedes taxi, in fact I would call that a luxury car, that brought him quickly to the airport - and the guy did not loose his plane :)

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